BELLEVUE    Investments    GmbH    &    Co.    KGaA    is     a    private    owned    holding    and    investment    company    with   numerous   national   and   international   subsidiaries    and    investments .   The    subsidiaries   have   different    business models     and    deal     with     software ,    on-line    services ,    and     digital    content    offerings     as    well    as     real    estate investments.
Supplementary Investments TVSMILES GmbH, Berlin German Startups Group Berlin exit eyeota Pte Ltd numecent Veeseo GmbH (Exit 2014) MANAGEMENT TEAM Jürgen Jaron, CEO | Founder Tilman Herberger, Chairman of the Board Erhard Rein,  Member of the Board Titus Tost, Member of the Board


Key Facts

BELLEVUE   Investments   GmbH   &   Co.   KGaA   was   formed   in   1993   by   Jürgen   Jaron,   Dieter   Rein   and   Erhard Rein. These persons continue to hold, either directly and/or indirectly, the majority of the Company's stock.  The   BELLEVUE   portfolio   includes   twenty-seven   companies   and   three   minority   investments.   These   companies employ a total of 380 employees (based on FTE), of which 180 worked in research and development.   

What makes BELLEVUE different

Entrepreneurial   spirit,   extensive   market   knowledge   and   focus   on   customer   needs.   Based   on   more   than   twenty years   of   experience   by   the   members   of   its   Management   Board   and   its   employees   BELLEVUE   is   in   a   position   to recognise   market   trends   at   an   early   stage.   With   the   assistance   of   its   scalable   and   modular   teams,   BELLEVUE can quickly react to changing trends.

Investment Strategy

BELLEVUE's    strategic    goal    is    to    expand    its    investments    in    the    area    of    Software    as    a    Service,    Mobile- Technology,   Ad-Technology,   entertainment   products,   digital   content   as   well   as   real   estate.   BELLEVUE   regional focus is Europe and North America.  
Substantial investments of  BELLEVUE Investments GmbH Co. KGaA: APPIC LABS GmbH, Berlin Bellevue Beteiligungs GmbH Bellevue Management Inc., Hallifax, Canada Bellevue Norge AS, Oslo, Finland Bellevue Immobilien GmbH, Zossen Bellevue Immobilien 2 GmbH, Zossen Bellevue Property GmbH, Zossen Bellevue Property 1 GmbH, Zossen Bellevue Property 2 GmbH, Zossen Bellevue Property 3 GmbH, Zossen Bellevue Property 4 GmbH, Zossen Expert Systems GmbH, Berlin GOYA International Ltd., Hemel Hempstead, UK GOYA Concepts GmbH, Berlin GOYA Energie GmbH, Berlin GOYA Baleares S.L. just add music GmbH, Berlin MAGIX Software GmbH MAGIX Computer Products Int. Corp., Reno, USA MAGIX B.V. simplitec GmbH mufin GmbH, Berlin, Dresden Sequoia Ltd., Hemel Hempstead, UK Sharea Ltd., Hemel Hempstead, UK XARA GmbH, Berlin Xara Group Ltd., Hemel Hempstead, UK iXara Ltd., Hemel Hempstead, UK
We    are    focused    on    acquiring,    owning    and    managing    flats    and    commercial    property    in    Europe.    Our business   model   is   based   on   long-term   leases,   a   broad   tenant   mix   and   sustainable   behaviour.   Being   a   long- term    property    holder    we    are    focused    on    the    expansion    and    active    management    of    our    real    estate portfolio.    Close    relationships    with    our    tenants,    a    high    degree    of    social    responsibility    and    dedicated employees ensure our revenue base.


BELLEVUE   build   or   invest   in   young,   innovative   companies   that   fit   in   today’s   and   tomorrow’s   market needs.    BELLEVUE    intensively    accompanies    companies    and    acts    as    their    long-term    partner.    The objective   of   the   co-operation   is   an   increase   in   the   valuation   of   the   company   followed   by   a   successful sale    of    the    shareholding    after    four    to    seven    years.    BELLEVUE    invests    in    disruptive    and    innovative companies   in   the   on-line,   media   and   mobile   internet   space.   This   includes   B2C   and   B2B   models   as   well   as enabling technologies. Our investment Focus is Europe and North America.


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